Raspberry Pi 3: Fix WiFi compatibility

What You Need

  • Flash/Pen Drive. Minimum of 1 GB.
  • A computer (except a Pi).


What we are going to do is simple. We will be uploading drivers to the Operating System we are currently running on. The Linux drivers for ARM based devices are identical for a device. We will copy driver from a working Operating System to our New WiFi unsupported Operating System.

Is it safe ?

Yes it is safe to copy drivers from one Linux Operating System to another if both the Operating Systems are designed to run on the same device.

Simple Steps for Solving WiFi issue on the Raspberry Pi 3

Plug in the Pen Drive to your PC

We should first plugin the pen drive to our Personal Computer and not the Pi.

Download and Extract Compressed BRCM Folder

BCRM ZIP : http://tonancos.com/36Yd

Download the Zip File Above

Paste the BRCM folder to you Flash Drive

You should paste the brcm folder to your flash drive to securely copy the drivers to the other Operating System.

Boot Up the OS in which WiFi doesn’t work and Copy the BCRM folder

Reboot your system and see the Magic

You new OS now supports WiFi.

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